Valgiano is the nearest village, a couple of miles up the main road. There is only a bar and a little corner shop. The view is spectacular , over the plain of Lucca and Capannori. The church, San Frediano, was built in 1078.
Morphologic meaning of Valgiano : Giano …. Giano (latin: Ianus) Is the god of all material and immaterial beginnings, one of the most ancient and important of the roman, Latin and italic religions. It is usually represented with two faces, as god is able to see the future and the past. One of Giano’s most peculiar characteristics is found in its representation as double fore headed; in fact, during the classic epoch, Giano’s was positioned before doorways, passages and bridges: managing entrances and exits, holding a key and a stick , like doormen do, whilst the faces overlooked in both directions, the way in and the way out. Giano was the concierge of all forms of passages and mutations, protector of all things that had a beginning and an end.
Therefore, one might assume that Valgiano is the valley of Giano..

Segromigno Monte

The Pieve of S. Lorenzo was built in 872 having three naves. It has the lower part of the facade characterized by an archivolt over the entrance and the upper part adorned with series of arches.
Inside the church on can admire the holy water stoup, the marble tabernacle of the Pietà ( Baccio da Montelupo, 1519), the baptismal font (17th  C.), a Roman column.
the marble pulpit (17th  C.) and the history of  S.  Lorenzo frescoes applied on the side walls by L. Ademollo (19th  C.).

In Segromigno Piano, (3 miles) there is the closest Farmacia, two banks, post office , bars and shops.
The Esselunga Supermarket is in Porcari ( 6 miles)
The Farmacia in Marlia ( 4 miles) is open 24h.